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Welcome to the gallery! Here you can browse my partly curated picks of my drawings throughout the years. Hope you enjoy!

2024 art

An anthropomorphic pink dog sitting at a table having tea and cookies on a sunny day. She's holding one cookie up in her hand and glancing to her side with a smug expression, at a wolf standing at a distance and facing away with their arms crossed. The wolf is glancing back towards the dog and blushing. Miss Piggy the Muppet and Rouge the Bat from the Sonic franchise, out shopping together. Miss Piggy is excitedly holding up two shirts, one frilly pink polkadot shirt and one sparkly green shirt with a boa collar. Rouge is carrying shopping bags and two frappuccinos in her hands and pointing a finger towards the green shirt. Gwendolyn the valkyrie princess from the game Odin Sphere. While she's in the middle of picking grapes from a plant, she's startled by a sheep suddenly jumping out of a different plant behind her, that seems to have sheep growing out of it. A humanoid black cat in a witch outfit, leaning against an old wood fence and smiling off into the distance with a buttercup flower in their hand. Blaze the Cat from the game Sonic Rush, running at high speed on top of the water in the Water Palace stage. Her arms are outstretched behind her, one of them creating a wall of fire behind her, which engulfs and destroys a badnik robot. Her expression is calm and stoic, glancing back towards the exploding robot. Suwako from Touhou project, crouched down in a frog sit on some rocks by the water. She's happily looking down at some tadpoles in the water, with her frog-like tongue sticking out. Behind her is a waterfall, and further back lush mountains. Link and Malon from the game Zelda: Ocarina of Time as kids. Malon is sitting on top of a stack of hay bales out on the farm singing, and Link is below her on the ground playing his ocarina. They're surrounded by chickens, a pig and cow and in the background the horse Epona is grazing. A drawing of a purple cat witch, happily holding a bowl of soup and holding it out towards the viewer. The cat witch is surrounded by mushroom and vegetable soup ingredients. A pixel illustration of Beatrice from Umineko, in a rose garden in the rain. She's holding an umbrella, leaning down towards a rose and reaching out one glowing golden hand towards it. She's smiling wryly towards the camera.

2023 art

Two animal women, a goat and a cat, picking lingonberries in the snow at sunset. The cat is crouched down excitedly continuing to pick berries off the ground while the goat is standing some ways away grumbling back toward the cat about the time. Mistral from .hack, jumping excitedly while scrolling her in-game item menu. Ennil and Toniya from Gundam X, enjoying drinks and chatting at a table in a dimly-lit bar. Toniya is gazing at Ennil with a gentle smile on her face. Amy Rose from Sonic the Hedgehog smiling wide while speeding down a hill. Dianna from Turn A Gundam. She's dressed up as Kihel and holding a gun while staring off into the distance with a serious look on her face. In the background, the Turn A Gundam robot is reaching its hand up towards the moon. The Prisoner from Outer Wilds, with their hands around the controls of a signal jammer device. Their head is tilted to the side and angled upwards, in the direction where the Eye of the Universe can be seen in the background of the image. Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2, smiling and holding a sphere in her hand while clouds are speeding past her. Four Hunters from Monster Hunter around a Rathian. One hunter is in the dragon's mouth, doing a thumbs up, while one hunter is lying limp on the ground with and another is looking over at the situation in shock. The fourth hunter is in the foreground of the image, taking a photo of the situation and grinning while making a peace sign with her hand. A Clown man character design and drawing for one of my friends. Blaze the Cat from Sonic the Hedgehog, wearing a fancy dress and hiding her face behind a fan. Junko from Touhou with a blank eyes and a smile on her face, with fire raging in the background. Hatsune Miku from the song Psi smiling innocently and holding some candy. Hatsune Miku from the song Psi smiling menacingly with darker colors.

2022 art

A Final Fantasy XIV catgirl, lizard person and gnome hanging out in a garden, inspecting a loot chest the lizard has brought. Estelle from Arknights, looking somewhat sad and hiding in some thick bush in the rain. Cure Macaron from Precure looking smug. A feminine lizard person from Final Fantasy XIV smiling confidently while casting magic lasers and sprouting crystalline wings using a magic book. Virtual Diva Hatsune Miku floating in a void looking cheerful. Cure Grace from Healin Good Precure sitting in a cherry tree smiling sweetly towards the viewer. Serena from Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V grinning smugly and summoning a huge monster from a card in her hand. A catgirl from Final Fantasy XIV dancing in a fiery arena and looking confident.

2021 art

A Final Fantasy XIV catgirl, my character, waving her arms around wildly with a dozen speech bubbles around her containing various creatures and side characters from the Shadowbringers story. A gnome, Tataru, is sitting on a chair behind her, happily writing down the tales the catgirl is regaling on a scroll. Mafuyu from Project Sekai falling in an abstract white void, her hair and clothes flowing upwards, and she's looking towards the viewer with a blank expression on her face. Cure Sparkle from Healin Good Precure taking a selfie with her phone mid-battle while her teammates are fighting a big monster in the background. Cure Cosmo from Star Twinkle Precure, her design has been altered so that her face is more catlike than depicted in the show. She's flying through space towards the viewer with a mischevious smile on her face. Yun-Jin from the horror game Dead by Daylight, running with a tense expression on her face as knives being thrown by the Trickster killer are flying past her. Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon with a bittersweet expression on his face, four differently colored gems representing his generals flying out of his hand. This particular drawing of Tuxedo Mask is based on actress Ishii Mikako's depiction. Sailor Pluto from Sailor Moon, smiling while flying through the air, ready to swing her rod. This particular drawing of Sailor Pluto is based on actress Ishii Mikako's depiction. A smug masculine catgirl carrying another feminine catgirl over her shoulder and grinning smugly. The catgirl being carried is looking back over her shoulder at the other catgirl with an embarrassed expression on her face. A girl in a stylish show performer's outfit with a little tophat on her head. She's holding on to a long microphone stand and tossing playing cards behind her. A girl busting out of a manhole on the side of a building, wearing a cute flowery dress and waving around a wand with a flower on it. She's winking towards the viewer, and the wand she's arcing in the air is spelling out the text 'Good Luck Yuki Hana' A thief carrying and embracing a woman, the personification of a diamond, who's wearing a long dazzling dress that's shining blue and covered in diamond patterns. They are both smiling wide with joy at each other. A woman walking off, holding a travel briefcase and a camera and winking towards the viewer. Photos are flying behind her that the woman has taken of herself and others on her travels. Text on the image reads 'See you again!'

2020 art

A drawing of Robespierre from a musical, dancing around happily with a woman dressed in low class garb, while silhouettes of other revolutionaries are shown menacingly in the sky above them. Christine and the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera, depicted as small children going door to door singing Christmas carols. A woman in a musical costume parade, waving around an emblem bearing the musical's name 'I Am from Austria'. She's wearing a large, poofy red dress with massive red peacock feathers attached to her back and she has a huge smile on her face. A woman sitting down in an elaborate, flowery and frilly dress that spills out onto the floor, folds and frills taking up most of the drawing. The woman is smiling towards the camera. Iku Nagae from Touhou, eating a massive burger at a hamburger restaurant. A fairy waitress behind her is gasping towards her, impressed at her bite. A girl in a simple white dress, holding a bouquet of flowers. Her hair and dress are blowing around in the wind, and under the folds of her dress more flowers are springing out. Plume from Arknights, flying towards the camera and thrusting her spear with a determined expression on her face. A woman with an eyepatch and bandit-like attire bridal carrying another woman who's in a simple dress. They're both grinning wide with hearts floating around them. A woman sobbing into the chest of another woman, whose feathery, billowing dress is flowing around and wrapping around the pair similar to wings. The woman in the feathery dress is looking to the side with a thoughtful expression on her face.

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