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This is page 2 of the gallery, with older drawings from 2019 and earlier.

2019 art

A renaissance-era noble girl, wearing an ornate red dress. She looks insulted, holding a hand towards her chest and pouting towards the camera. A girl nervously holding a sword at the ready with a flustered expression on her face. She's wearing an elaborate blue dress unfit for fencing. An early Hollywood-era actress in an expensive-looking white dress and jewelry, sitting down and peacefully holding a rose up towards her face with her eyes closed. A woman dancing elegantly with a closed-eyes focused expression, her frilly pink dress billowing around her with movement. A woman in a poofy full-body blue jacket wielding two knives with an angry, determined expression on her face. She's mid-movement, ready to strike. An 1800s Japanese woman in a kimono and haori, carrying a folded up paper umbrella. Her face is dirty and her hair disheveled, but she has a peaceful, somewhat melancholic expression on her face. An 1800s European nobleman in a cape and tophat, throwing out his cape with one hand and extending his other hand outwards with a welcoming smile. Christine and Phantom from the Phantom of the Opera, walking out at town. Christine is holding an umbrella and leading the Phantom by the arm, he's cowering against her afraid of sunlight. Christine from Phantom of the Opera in an elaborate, poofy white party dress holding a bouquet and grinning wide with happiness.

2018 art

A winking mid-1900s showgirl in a pink dress and boa, posed mid-dance with a hand extended out. Phantom from Phantom of the Opera with a panicked expression carrying Christine in his arms, running away from gunfire chasing after them. There's text in the corner of the image which reads Shonichi Omedetou- congratulations on the opening day. Phantom from Phantom of the Opera standing behind Christine and holding her by the wrists, smiling with his face close to hers. Christine is leaning away from him and looks annoyed. A musical depiction of Robespierre, trying to read documents in his hands, a woman in a blue dress jacket has interrupted him in the middle of his work with a kiss. She's hiding a knife behind her back. A musical depiction of Robespierre, sitting in a chair at a table with his fingers crossed, lookign scheming. Saint-Just stands behind him, leaned back against a table and smiling mischeviously with documents in his hand. A humanoid moth-person leaned back on an elaborate throne, their head tilted upwards leaning against their hand and looking down towards the viewer. A birthday drawing for actress Maaya Kiho, depicting her smiling in the middle of the picture surrounded by 8 different characters she's played on stage. Yuuka from Touhou Project, standing in a field of sunflowers. She's wearing a sunhat, holding a watering can against her chest and smiling towards the viewer with her skirt billowing in the wind. A musical depiction of Robespierre, sitting at a dinner table drinking and laughing together with Danton, who's throwing himself over the table spilling his drink and knocking over a candle in his happy drunkenness. Drawings of a musical depiction of Robespierre, depicting each stage of his arc from young idealistic lawyer, optimistic revolutionary to leader of the reign of terror, cult worshiper and finally a prisoner on death row. A drawing of the catgirl guitarist Cyan from Show By Rock, jumping in the air with her guitar at the ready and grinning towards the viewer.

2017 art

Zelda and Urbosa from the game Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They're sitting down on the ground out in Gerudo Town, Zelda holding up her little computer table to take a selfie of them together. Zelda has a huge grin and her free hand is in a peace sign, and Urbosa is holding both her hands up in peace signs with a gentle smile on her face. Ciel and Bibury from the show KiraKira Precure a la Mode. They're sitting on a bench together, Bibury stubbornly eating some muffins with a flustered look on her face. Ciel is resting her face in her hand and smiling happily at Bibury. A muscular prince with his clothes ripped up and chest fully exposed, lying unconscious washed up on a beach. A fish-man is holding him gently and singing at him. The picture is a visual reference to Disney's Little Mermaid. Yusei from the cartoon Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds happily wiping his motorcycle clean in the workshop. His friend Rally is sitting some ways away from him looking through his deck of cards, looking impressed. Colette and Sheena from the game Tales of Symphonia, drawn as modern teens sitting down by a flowerbed in a park and sharing drinks together while smiling at each other. Oscar and Rosalie from Rose of Versailles, sitting down in a courtyard at night surrounded by roses. They're holding a hand up to each other under the moon, making some sort of vow. Yuya from Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V, leaping the air with a huge grin and an arm extended that's drawing a little rainbow streak with the arc of its movement. His jacket is billowing and he has his Duel Disc at the ready in his other arm. Yukari from KiraKira Precure a la Mode, mid-walk wearing a fancy-looking jacket. She's glancing towards the viewer with an indifferent expression on her face, and her shadow draws the shape of a cast. Paine from Final Fantasy X-2, in her Songstress outfit swinging her body to a beat and holding her microphone up towards her face, with her eyes closed in a cool expression. Chizuru from Hakuouki, carrying a drunk Shinpachi away from the red light district. He's completely out of it, leaning his entire weight on her and flexing an arm while she calmly directs him home with an amused smile on her face. Terra and Lightning from the Final Fantasy series, drawn as modern-day women out on a date in Shibuya. Terra has her arm locked in Lightning's, she's excitedly looking back at the advertisement screens on the buildings behind them that are showing ads with Lightning in them. Lightning is wearing sunglasses and cooly sipping a drink. Various other Final Fantasy characters in modern clothes are walking around them. An imagining of my 2017 self as a Pokémon trainer, surrounded by my at the time favorite pokemon Mawile, Mega Mawile, Mismagius, Pumpkaboo and Mareanie.

2016 art

Gokotai from Touken Ranbu, sleeping on the floor with his head resting on his white tiger companion. The tiger is curled up around him and looking peacefully at him. A tray with some tea and sweets is sitting on the floor some ways away from them. Four Vocaloid girls, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Yuzuki Yukari and IA, sitting and playing a video game together. Yukari is staring intently towards the game with intent to win, while Rin is angrily shouldering her trying to beat her. IA is quietly resting against Yukari's other shoulder, and Miku is sitting next to Rin smiling amusedly at her. Grave, Mika and Billy from Gungrave: Overdise, posing together extremely cooly while an explosion goes off behind them. Watson and Moriarty, from the CBS Elementary adaption of Sherlock, sitting in a bar together wearing party dresses. Watson is cooly holding a drink up to her face and smirking at Moriarty, who has a hand to her cheek smiling back smugly at Watson. Oscar from Rose of Versailles, holding her sword up with a peaceful expression, flowers blooming around her. Alisha and Rose from Tales of Zestiria, sitting at a table outdoors sharing tea and cakes. Alisha is throwing up her arms in surprise, the spirit Edna flying up to her and stealing a strawberry out of her hands. Rose is resting her face in her hands smiling at them. Cure Flora and Cure Mermaid from Princess Precure, dancing together. Mermaid is leading Flora with a gentle, confident smile while Flora's grinning happily, her dress flowing with movement. Imanotsurugi from Touken Ranbu, in his upgraded armored outfit. He's swinging his knife self around, a dark streak flowing from it, and he has a somewhat unsettling smile on his face. His hair and clothes are flowing around him in spirals with movement. Hijikata from Hakuouki, sitting back in a chair with a bored expression on his face, resting it in one hand. Squall from Final Fantasy 8, wearing his more elaborate Dissidia outfit. He's posed in front of a mirror, scratching the back of his head with a bored expression on his face. Behind him are Yuna and Paine from Final Fantasy X-2, excitedly evaluating his look. Kosuzu from Hakuouki, in her maiko attire and makeup, elegantly doing a Japanese dance with a fan. Cardia and Lupin from Code:Realize, running away together in the night from a heist, Cardia clutching gold in her arms with a big smile on her face and Lupin throwing his cape over her.

2015 art

A full body drawing of Iwatooshi from Touken Ranbu, carrying his spear self over his shoulder and wiping his chin with one hand. He's grinnign wide with his shark teeth on full display. Cardia from Code:Realize, floating in empty space with a blank expression on her face and her billowing dress flowing behind her. Link from Zelda: Twilight Princess, with a rugged wolf-like appearance carrying his sword and lantern in dark woods and eyeing his surroundings. The lantern's flame is billowing around him, and behind him the woods are coated in fog with bats flying around. Milla from Tales of Xillia gently giving Leia a kiss on the forehead. Leia's blushing bashfully. Chizuru from Hakuouki, standing under a tree for cover in the rain. She's tilting her straw hat up with one hand and looking up at the flowering plum trees. A Zelda: Majora's Mask illustration. Link is playing his ocarina calmly with his eyes closed, smoke billows up behind him, leading to his stoic Goron self, scaredy Deku self and cool Zora self. Behind them the Skull Kid is menacingly hunching over everyone with the mask on his face glowing, the two fairy siblings flying behind him with a bright featureless glowing moon in the back. Sheena and Colette from Tales of Symphonia, sitting together against a tree. Sheena has her arm around Colette, her fox friend Corrine is standing on her arm and giving Colette a kiss on the cheek. Colette is smiling hapily at Corrine while Sheena peacefully looks at them both. Lina and Naga from Slayers, sharing a parfait at a cafe. Lina is throwing herself back in embarassment at Naga trying to feed her a spoonful. Naga's smiling sweetly. A drawing of Doctor Kiriko from the manga Black Jack looking handsome and charming, holding a sigarette and surrounded by a bunch of roses. Two fantasy kids running in the woods, one sporty and the other calm. The sporty kid is holding the calm kid by the arm, dashing forward and grinning with their other arm pointed ahead towards adventure. The calm kid is diligently following behind, but looking backwards with a bored expression on their face. A drawing of all the Shinsengumi swords from Touken Ranbu, as well as Imanotsurugi and Gokotai. Everyone except for Izuminokami and Horikawa are dashing ahead, heading for a mission for only short swords. Horikawa is wagging a finger at Izuminokami, telling him he's not allowed, and Izuminokami is pouting.

2014 art

Link from Zelda: Majora's Mask. He's sitting down in front of the Clock Tower door at dusk, arms wrapped around himself, circles under his eyes and looking up at his fairy companion. The coloring of the whole picture is very red and menacing. Kageri the ghost from Fatal Frame 4, protectively embracing her twin doll Watashi with blank eyes. Young Hyun-Ae from Analogue: A Hate Story, digitizing herself into an AI with a conflicted, tearful look on her face as the squares of data assemble her. *Mute from Hate Plus, factory resetting herself, her eyes are closed and she looks resigned as the squares of data disassemble her. Midna from Zelda: Twilight Princess, standing in front of the mirror of twilight with her hands on her hips and a huge grin on her face, looking back towards the viewer. Keine from Touhou, in her were-beast form at the night of a full moon. She's carrying her magic history scroll, which is unfurled and flowing around her body. Lina from Slayers throwing herself into Naga in a big hug, both of them grinning and blushing at each other. A cool humanoid red dragon man grinning towards the viewer, drawing a streak of magical void-electricity with his hand. Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon, standing with their backs against each other. The're both winking and looking at each other, Mars cooly manipulating flames around her and saying 'You're stupid.' Venus is creating a chain of hearts and responding to her with 'You're Lovely.' Kokoro from Touhou, blank-faces as always, floating in the air with her arm extended out holding her fan. Marisa from Touhou, posing with a grin and a hand on her hip, her other arm extended holding her broom behind her. Iku from Touhou, with a strained expression holding Tenshi by the legs attempting to stop her from flying away with her sword blazing. Tenshi is dashing ahead full speed grinning wide. Reimu and Remilia from Touhou walking together on a date. Remilia happily has an arm wrapped around Reimu's with her eyes closed. Reimu is pouting in embarrassment because the maid Sakuya is following behind them, holding an umbrella up to cover them from the sun, and gushing happily over her mistress being on a date. Miko from Touhou, sitting down in a dungeon draped in jewelry, wearing a crown and holding her sword that's thrust into the ground. She's grinning confidently at the viewer, her ghost wife Soga embracing her from the side with her face partially obscured in her hair. Utsuho from Touhou, flying with a huge grin and her arm up in the air, creating a nuclear reaction. Big CAUTION! text is flying around her on all sides. Kagerou from Touhou sitting peacefully by the lake, Wakasagihime keeping her company. Wakasagi is leaned up against the rocks gazing lovingly at Kagerou, who smiles gently back at her. Leia from Tales of Xillia putting a pair of hair ribbons identical to her own on Milla's head Milla is sitting calmly happily accepting the gift. Reimu and Remilia from Touhou. Remilia is flying in the air, almost upside down, with her hands around Reimu's cheeks and pushing their foreheads together. Reimu's holding her arms up and wrapping them around Remilia's back. They're both smiling happily with their eyes closed. Patchouli from Touhou, passed out asleep at a table in her library. Koakuma is happily throwing a blanket over her, while Marisa can be seen in the background pressing her face up against a window, ready to take the opportunity to break in. Iku from Touhou, with a cool smile on her face holding up her hand creating glowing lightning.

2013 art

Utsuho from Touhou, holding her hand up and creating a nuclear reaction. Miranda from Nachtigal, wearing her fancy red mansion dress, winking towards the viewer with a rose held up to her face. Iku from Touhou as the adult guardian on a trick or treating walk. She's dressed as a vampire, in one hand she's holding onto Tenshi, dressed up as a constable mischieviously trying to run ahead with her baton held in the air. In her other hand Iku is holding onto Suika, who's lazily stomping forward dressed in a full dinosaur suit. Suika is holding hands with Kokoro, who's got a blanket draped over her with too many holes cut out for a ghost outfit. Iku from Touhou, with a resigned smile reluctantly letting Suika lie passed out snoring on top of her. Futo from Touhou surfing against a huge wave, arms outstretched and a confident grin on her face. Almond and Sir Carrot from Cucumber Quest. Almond is confidently holding a sword out in front of her, while Carrot stands behidn her calmly at the ready with his spear. Maribelle from Fire Emblem Awakening, holding her folded up umbrella up against her shoulder with a hand on her hip. Colette from Tales of Symphonia, holding her hands to her chest and smiling peacefully with her eyes closed. One of her wings is billowing out to her side, with the faces of all her companions visible in each of the pink petals. A full body drawing of Hatsune Miku, with a slightly frillier outfit than usual happily waving her arms outwards and smiling. Sumia from Fire Emblem Awakening sitting sideways on top of her pegasus, smiling off toward the distance with a hand on the pegasus' head. Vocaloid IA at night against a starry sky, reaching her hand towards the viewer.

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